If you can overcome awkwardness, you can still lead a completely normal and pleasant sex life.
This is the result of the accumulation of air in the vagina, which is caused by repeated penetration and release.
When the penis moves in and out, there is a sucking effect and air can be trapped in the vagina.

Thanks to blows during sex, the air is repeatedly injected into the vagina, so during sex and at no other time you can feel vaginal bloating.
He says exercise is also the culprit when it comes to causing vaginal bloating.
Some women say they have more cheeks than normal when it comes to normal yoga posture.

Farting may also occur in women due to the penis sliding in the vagina.
The pressure created by this movement puts pressure on the anus that is next to the vaginal wall.
Sometimes gas pockets form in the anus, which are pushed out during sex.

The head (acorns) of his penis widens, and the blood vessels in and around the penis fill with blood.
His testicles still rise and a feeling of warmth appears in the area between the testicles and the anus (perineum).
He speeds up his heartbeat, his blood pressure rises, he breathes faster and his thighs and buttocks tighten.

Some men have very narrow foreskins, so they are unable to retract them without pain over the head of the cock.
Regular cleaning of the tail (head) can be slow and painful (see Smegma).
Phimosis is usually associated with dermatitis, swelling and sensitivity of the rooster head.

Roman statues are believed to depict pierced nipples, but may represent lorica or a breastplate.
Genital piercing (through the tail and eggs) also has a long history.
Ampalang (dumbbells running horizontally through acorns) comes from Borneo, where women from some tribes do not marry a man who does not have him.
Prince Albert (the ring that runs through the urethra and exits from the back of the glans under one side of the frenulum) has a more intriguing origin.

Trying to clean your penis (urethra) or asshole can cause irritation and be dangerous.
Many men use whips with warm water and an accurate but delicate technique.
The pH value of most skin cleaners is slightly higher, so that dirt and oil on the skin can break down.
In warm water, the bag with the tap and ball should be soft and flexible, which also makes it easy to carefully pull the foreskin for cleaning.

The surface of the rectum and anal canal is usually covered with a thin layer of mucus or natural grease, which helps with shitting and also helps protect against infection.
When you rub the surface, you quickly deplete mucus, so you need extra grease if you put something in the butt.
At the bottom of the anal canal there is another sphincter consisting of two smaller, connected muscle rings.
You have more control over the other muscle, which you can relax or tighten as you like.

There are treatments for men with an enlarged prostate: contact a doctor at a sex clinic.
It is responsible for the production of fluid in which sperm swim, and for secretion that maintains the humidity of the urethra.
With age, it becomes larger and sometimes begins to squeeze a tube that drains urine from the body.

A series of contractions forces the semen into the urethra, the tube along which urine and semen come out of the penis.
They also occur in seminal vesicles and in the prostate, which add fluid to the semen.
Muscle spasms in the prostate and pelvic floor then lead to ejaculation when the semen is squeezed out of the penis.

Constipation can be caused by a contraction of the colon, insufficient weight or dietary fiber, lack of exercise or stress.
Nonsense that passes through the colon and extracts so much water that turns the mud into solid gravel, can get stuck and continue to dry until hard and tied.
Shitting is painful when the hardened shit rubs against the walls of the colon, rectum, and anal canal.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, tooth decay, smoking or rich and spicy food.
At night, your body produces less saliva (a natural mouthwash) and creates a thin, creamy coating on your teeth, tongue and gums.
Healthy bacteria break it down and produce mild toxins that stink and taste terrible.
However, in some cases, halitosis may be caused by medication and stomach ulcers.

In some people, erections can be painful or have difficulties during sexual intercourse.
Treatment options include medications that can be taken orally, applied to the surface of the penis, or injected into a scar.
In rare cases, the condition completely clears up, but most men find that they either remain unchanged or get worse over time.

Most often, the symptom is part of the normal cycle of monthly changes in women.
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and thrush (Candida, fungal infection) are common causes of atypical discharges.
BV may disappear without treatment, but some cases may require antibiotic treatment.